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What is university like?

University life means different things to different students. Your reasons for studying and your life situation will have a big impact on what features of university life are most relevant to you. So will your qualification choice and interests. 

Students report that their life at university is some of the most stimulating, challenging, chaotic, busy, bewildering, interesting, empowering time of their lives. It is certainly a time to have new experiences, meet new people, gain new perspectives and learn.

No matter what or why you are studying there are two very important aspects to University life:

Both elements are an important part of your time at university and apply to both our on-campus and distance students. We want to you experience everything that there is and take advantage of what Massey offers you.

You will probably need, or want, to make some changes in your life to get the most from your study and your time with Massey. Sometimes it is hard to predict what these changes might be. In the following video, several Massey students talk about their personal changes.

You may find starting university challenging, perhaps in ways that you do not expect. It is not always the study or skills that students find difficult. Planning, organising and preparation will help you get ready for university. A positive perspective and determination to deal with challenge will always be useful; now, and when you are studying.

In this video a few students talk about the challenges they have experienced during their study.

You will find many sources of information and support along the way. Massey staff and students are a great resource, and so are knowledgeable friends and family. We asked some Massey students for their tips for new students.