Online learning


Stream is Massey’s main online learning environment. Most Massey courses integrate Stream with conventional learning resources to enrich the students’ learning experience.

Stream is your online learning community and allows you to share and exchange ideas with fellow students and the course coordinator. Depending on the course, you can also access the latest news in your subject, study notes, recent journal articles, podcasts, online presentations, interactive exercises and activities, and tests and quizzes.

For more information see Guide to Stream.

Other online learning environments

Some courses may use specific online learning environments that precisely meet the requirements of the course. These environments will be integrated with the course material, and information and training will form part of the course itself.

Online learning resources

It is expected that students will use online material from many different sources while studying at Massey. You will be encouraged to read widely and think deeply about the information available to you. The Library manages many online resources and provides training to students as required. Further resources may be introduced during your study, and you will be encouraged to seek out further reputable sources to broaden your understanding of your study.

You are encouraged to make regular and focused use of these environments and other internet resources in your learning. Massey University is committed to providing an increasing number of online learning services.