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University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

USAC logo.jpg Massey University's membership in USAC enables you to go on exchange at a diverse range of universities around the world. Many USAC exchange locations are particularly good for students who want to start learning or continue studying a foreign language.  Each destination offers academic courses taught in English.

On-site USAC Resident Directors support you throughout your exchange. USAC also organises optional activities such as field trips and weekend excursions, which may incur an additional cost.

Exchange Destinations

Not all exchange destinations listed on the USAC website are available to Massey students.  Locations available to Massey students are listed below.

Specialty Programmes
Partnership Programmes
  • England - Brighton* and London* (Both are Limited Placement Universities)
  • Scotland - Stirling (Limited Placement University)
  • South Africa - Stellenbosch
  • South Korea - Seoul (Limited Placement University)

* Please contact a Student Mobility Coordinator if you are having trouble finding information about modules (courses) you can take at Brighton or London Metropolitan.  You are expected to take the normal academic load of 60 credits per semester at London Metropolitan.

Limited Placement University

Exchange placements are extremely limited at these universities. We cannot guarantee your application to study at one of these institutions will be approved. You do not need to select one of these institutions as a preference when you apply for exchange.

If you do select one of them, you must list it as your first choice for it to be eligible for consideration. You may only select one of these universities. None of them can be listed as your second or third choice on the application.


Locations with a Specialty programme offer a limited range of courses taught in English.  Most courses usually relate to the host country language and culture, and there may be a limited selection of courses in more general subjects such as International Business, History, Fine Arts, or Politics.  Courses for exchange students are organised separate to the host university's regular courses and are listed on the USAC website. In some locations, students may enrol in a limited number of regular courses at the host university.

Locations with a Partnership programme usually offer a wide range of courses taught in English and enable students to enrol in almost any courses offered by the partner university.  There may be some enrolment restrictions for exchange students at Partnership universities, so make sure you first read the Courses information on the USAC website.

If you have any questions about the courses offered, please contact Enrollment Services for information.  Don't contact the host university directly, as not all staff at the university will be familiar with the special conditions of the exchange programme.  USAC will either provide you with the information you need or put you in touch with a staff member at the university who is familiar with the USAC exchange programme.

Credit System

Specialty Programmes will usually follow the American credit system, where 15-16 USAC credits equate to 60 Massey credits. USAC courses at 400-level usually equate to Massey 300-level, with USAC 300-level equating to Massey 200-level and USAC 200-level equating to Massey 100-level.

Partnership Programmes will use the credit system of the host country, which varies by location.  The programme information on the USAC website will usually indicate what is considered a full-time workload for that location.  If in doubt, check with a Student Mobility Coordinator.

Fees and Costs

Tuition fees: Massey exchange students do not pay the program (tuition) fees listed on USAC's website and do not pay any tuition fees to the host university.  These fees are waived, as you pay your regular Massey tuition fees instead. 

Living costs: The USAC website provides estimates of other costs, such as accommodation, meals, transport, etc, associated with an exchange to each location.  These costs will be quoted in either the local currency or in US dollars.

Insurance: Massey students participating in an exchange through USAC are recommended to purchase USAC's preferred health insurance policy, which costs approximately US$150 per semester.  Students should pay this fee directly to USAC once accepted for the programme.  If students prefer to purchase another insurance policy, they need to provide documentation to USAC demonstrating that they are covered by a policy with better coverage than USAC's preferred insurance policy, in order to have the USAC insurance fee waived.

Exchange Student Travel Grant

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who apply to go on exchange to any USAC institution are automatically considered for a Massey University Exchange Student Travel Grant.  No additional paperwork needs to be submitted.

Application Process

Students interested in going on exchange to a USAC destination must first apply through Massey.

Once approved by Massey, students then apply to USAC.  Students applying to a Partnership programme may be required to complete additional application documents for the host university after completing the USAC application - USAC will provide advice on the application process after students have been approved for participation in the exchange programme.