University of Exeter, England

For Undergraduate students only

Exeter.jpg At the University of Exeter, there are opportunities for study in an environment that’s hard to beat. Students and staff benefit from excellent academic, social and sporting facilities on superb campuses close to the beach and countryside.  The University of Exeter originated in 1855 and today has nearly 21,000 students.

The University of Exeter has three campuses, Streatham (the main campus, in central Exeter), St Lukes (the campus for Sport and Health Sciences in Exeter) and the Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

A convenient 2.5-hour train ride from London, the city of Exeter is located on the Southern coast of England in Devon. not far from the city of Brighton. The region includes the beautiful scenery of Dartmoor and Exmoor and West Cornwall, with coastal walkways and rivers for outdoor recreation. The city centre is only a 15-minute walk away so you can enjoy the advantages of a campus-based university without missing out on life in the city.

The Penryn Campus in Cornwall is a 5-hour train ride from London and provides students with a University of Exeter education in a stunning location near to the waterside town of Falmouth and the beautiful beaches south of Cornwall. The campus is a smaller, more close-knit environment of 5000 students and offers a vibrant diverse mix of students from the arts and humanities alongside students of the sciences, politics, and business among other subjects. What’s more, the small friendly campus means that students get a strong feeling of community where everyone knows gets to know each other quickly.

Exchange Student Travel Grant

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who apply to go on exchange to Exeter are automatically considered for a Massey University Exchange Student Travel Grant.  No additional paperwork needs to be submitted.

Videos about Exeter

Exeter has four videos detailing what life is like at the university.  They cover the student experience, excellent teaching and support, studying at one of their fantastic campuses and one with an amalgamation with the best bits of each.

Credit System

The credit system at the University of Exeter is identical to Massey.  Most courses, called modules in the UK, are worth 15 credits each. A full-time workload is 60 credits for one semester and 120 credits for two semesters.

Course Code

The first digit of the code indicates the level at which the subject is taught: e.g. SOC2005 would be taken by a second-year undergraduate.

Academic Calendar

The University of Exeter has two semesters per year. Semester one begins in mid to ate September and continues through to mid-January. Semester two is from mid-January through to mid-June. There is a compulsory Orientation (Welcome/Freshers' Week) which commences one week before classes start.


Exchange students can apply for self-catered accommodation on campus. There are a limited number of spaces for students who are attending for only one semester.  Accommodation is guaranteed for exchange students attending Exeter for the full academic year (UK academic year). Accommodation for single semester and the full year is available on the Penryn Campus in Cornwall.


Business, Biological Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Film Studies,Geography, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Sociology and more.