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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Limited Placement University.

Nanyang Technological University.jpg The University has a 2 km² beautiful garden campus well-known for its lush landscape and undulating terrain, and is in the south-western part of Singapore, some 25 km from the city centre. This is the Yunnan Garden Campus. The original part of the campus was built in 1986, and the campus buildings are laid out on a master plan drawn up by world famous architect Kenzo Tange.

The campus is well-equipped with modern facilities for teaching and research. Members of the University community study and work in state-of-the art and well-equipped laboratories, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms. The campus boasts a high-tech e-learning infrastructure and seminars and lectures are supported by facilities that allow multi-media presentations, video-conferencing and simultaneous communication between different lecture theatres and venues.

NTU hosts more than 8,000 international students a year and has a highly organised exchange programme.

Credit System

Undergraduate students may enrol in no more than 20 AUs (academic units / credits) per semester, which is usually to 4-5 courses.  A usual full-time workload is 16-18 AUs per semester.  Students should select 10 courses in their initial course selection.

Postgraduate students should enrol in 2 - 5 courses per semester.

Course Codes

As at Massey, 100 level courses are first year courses, 200 level is second year, 300 level is third year.

Academic Calendar

NTU has two semester each 17 weeks in length. Semester One begins in August and finishes in December. Semester Two commences in January and finishes in May. Orientation will be held approx 1 week before classes commence.


NTU offers courses in a variety of subject areas, including Accounting, Art, Business, Communications, Economics, Design, Mathematics, and more.  There are a few limitations on subjects available to exchange students.

The Info Guide below has a great deal of information for exchange students about studying at NTU and living in Singapore.  It is well worth reading through this document.

NTU Info Guide.pdf (1,321 KB)