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International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)

ISEP logo.jpg Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students in all disciplines

There are three unique aspects about ISEP that make it an excellent choice for your exchange:

  • You pay the cost of your tuition, housing and meals to Massey instead of to the host institution.  This means you get to pay in NZ dollars, rather than in the local currency.  This may save you a significant amount of money, depending on where you study.
  • A significant number of Explore the World scholarships have been set aside for students applying to ISEP.
  • The ability to list multiple universities on your application combined with ISEP's matching algorithm maximises the likelihood you will be placed in your top choice university.

searching for a university

Use the Field of Study filter on ISEP's Program Finder to search for universities offering a degree that will fit well with your Massey programme.  Select More Filters and check ISEP Exchange in the Program row.

ISEP will work to place you in one of the universities you list on your application.  We strongly recommend you select at least four institutions to give yourself the best chance of being placed.  Ensure you select some universities with a "Good", "Very Good" or "Excellent" chance of placement.  You can filter for this by clicking More Filters and selecting Chance of Placement.

Universities with Direct placements

You can bypass the normal system requiring you to list multiple institutions and getting assigned to one of them by applying to one of the universities listed below.  Be sure the institution you choose is a good match for your Massey degree before applying to it.

Explore the World Scholarships

Times Square.jpg Every student who applies to ISEP will automatically be considered for one of our Explore the World scholarships.  There is no additional paperwork you need to submit.  The funds can be used to cover the ISEP Exchange Application Fee of US$495.  You are eligible for the Explore the World scholarship even if you have been selected for other scholarships.

Applying to ISEP

Use Massey's exchange application to apply to ISEP.  ISEP will notify of you of your placement approximately 6 to 8 weeks after their application deadline.  Your acceptance package will include information about housing and meal options at your host university.


ISEP provides an excellent comprehensive medical insurance policy that satisfies all immigration and home institution requirements for the United States.  All students are required to purchase this insurance, which costs approximately US$95 per month.

The ISEP insurance does not satisfy immigration requirements for every country as it does for the USA. In other countries where alternative insurance is required, the full ISEP insurance requirement is waived and only Medical Evacuation and Repatriation (MER) insurance is required. Check the list of countries with health insurance exemptions for more information.