228.747 Renewable Energy Systems Design (15 credits)

This course focuses on the design of renewable energy systems and in particular, on estimating the performance and economics of such systems. It will focus heavily on the use of computer-based design and simulation programs to estimate these parameters. The input data requirements, method of operation, and strengths and weaknesses of these computer-based tools will be presented. Students will use many of these computer-based tools to solve component sizing and design problems.

Note(s): As this course teaches the use and application of specific renewable energy system design software and modelling, you will need a computer of relatively good CPU capability (64-bit preferable), running Windows 7 or later operating system (Windows 10 recommended), and at least 1 GB of RAM to be capable of running these software packages. Please contact the course coordinator if you have any questions.

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Note: You may enrol in a postgraduate course (that is a 700-, 800- or 900-level course) if you meet the prerequisites for that course and have been admitted to a qualification which lists the course in its schedule.

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