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Aegrotat consideration (missed fixed time and place assessment)

Changes due to COVID-19

The University acknowledges that many of you will experience disruptions and difficulties completing your assessments. We also acknowledge current circumstances may mean it is not possible to meet the usual rules and requirements when applying for aegrotat or impaired performance.

If you were unable to attempt, submit or complete any piece of assessment or an exam, we now have an updated form for applications for aegrotat considerations during this COVID-19 emergency. The new form doesn’t need to be witnessed and you don’t need to provide any supporting documentation when you complete it unless you have them ready.

Ideally, we would like you to submit your form within the usual timeframes (within 2 weeks after the assessment was held), however we recognise this may not always be possible and will take your circumstances into account.

When reviewing your application, we will consider your ability to demonstrate sufficient learning in your other assessments. While we will be as flexible as possible, it is still expected you would have completed at least 40% of the course assessment.

Please note this form is temporary and replaces all previous forms covering health and counselling, critical personal circumstances, and attendance at a funeral. We will revert to using the other forms when the COVID-19 emergency is over.

Please also note, doctoral students whose research may be impaired as a result of COVID-19 can apply for a suspension of studies, change of candidacy from full-time to part-time or an extension of studies through the student portal.

Who should apply?

You can apply if you have been unable to attend a scheduled assessment because of critical personal circumstances or illness that arose very recently. Critical personal circumstances are circumstances which have a profound effect on your ‘normal' functioning. The effect will usually be in terms of your ability to concentrate, think clearly or put aside strong emotion for the duration of the assessment or a significant proportion of the study period.

How do I apply?

Follow steps 1-7 for each course you wish to apply for within 14 days of the assessment.

  1. Download and complete the  Aegrotat and Impaired Performance Considerations: Temporary Form During COVID-19 Emergency (101 KB)
  2. Log in to your student homepage and click the Results and Exams tab.
  3. Click Apply for aegrotat.
  4. Select either of the aegrotat options from the Application Type.
  5. Select your course.
  6. Upload the completed form for each course you are applying for.
  7. Click Submit.

How will I know the result of my application?

You will receive a notification of the outcome through the portal. This might not be until the end of the semester examination period.

What can I do if there is a problem with my application or I disagree with the outcome?

If you believe that you have sustained academic disadvantage as a result of Aegrotat consideration, you may appeal once in writing to the Academic Board or its delegate (normally the Chief Examiner of the relevant College) within 4 weeks of the release of the final grade for the course.

More information

For the complete regulations please consult the Massey University Calendar.