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Key to the tables

P Prerequisite: Course(s) you must complete to a defined standard (or have waived) before your enrolment in another course is confirmed.

C Corequisite: Course(s) that must be completed in the same semester as another course, unless already passed or waived.

R Restriction: Similar courses, that cannot both be credited to the same qualification.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Whānau Development

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Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Before enrolment, a candidate for the PGDipWhānauDev shall have:

(a) satisfied the requirements for a Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline; or

(b) satisfied the requirements of the PGCertWhānauDev; or

(c) (i) been admitted with equivalent status as eligible to proceed to the PGDipWhānauDev; and

(ii) have relevant work in a related area to whānau development within three years of application for admission.

Qualification Requirements

2. A candidate shall follow a programme of study comprising courses to the value of 120 credits selected from those listed in the Schedule for the PGCertWhānauDev and PGDipWhānauDev.

3. In order for the Postgraduate Diploma to be awarded there shall be 90 credits comprising compulsory courses, and 30 credits selected from the research methods courses outlined in the Schedule.

4. A candidate who has been awarded or qualified for the PGCertWhānauDev may apply for credit in accordance with the limits specified in the Recognition of Prior Learning regulations.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

5. A candidate's programme of study shall not exceed five calendar years of part-time study for the PGDipWhānauDev, unless a specified time of suspension or extension is approved by the Academic Board.

Schedule for the Postgraduate Diploma in Whānau Development

Compulsory courses (90 credits from)

150.722 Te Tū Whānau: Whānau and Society 30 credits

150.723 Ngā Momo Whānau: Whānau Form and Function 30 credits

150.724 Whakapiki Whānau: Whānau Intervention 30 credits
P 150722 and 150723

30 credits from

150.714 Ta Te Māori Rangahau Korero: Māori Research Methodologies 30 credits

168.711 Health Research Design and Method 30 credits
R 168810, 168710

179.702 Advanced Research Methods 30 credits